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I love love love love love to paint. I love color. And, blessedly, color is everywhere!! I love shape!! And—thank the heaven’s—everything’s a shape: organic and geometric and all in between. I love space—positive space, negative space, and, mercy me, it’s everywhere I look! How can I be so blessed to have eyes to see color, shapes, and space, and live in a time when women are encouraged to paint? It is a feast—everyday.

Born in Washington State in 1969, I am the fourth of seven children. I grew up on a small 10 acre farm where my dad worked during the day as an engineer, but spent his early mornings and late evenings teaching us how to change water lines, milk the cow, feed the sheep, throw bales of alfalfa hay, and tend the chickens. Mom taught us how to keep the house, bake the bread, and to get our homework done. My mom also taught me to paint. After years of watercolors, drawing pencils, oil pastels and crayons, I received my first oil painting set when I was 12. It was beautiful, like shiny candy. But I was so confused what to do. So, we painted. She showed me how to draw with my brush. It made sense to me. I am forever grateful to my mother.

My mom and dad were my biggest fans. I took classes at the college with my mom when I was in high school. Then I was off to Brigham Young University (BYU) where I studied painting with an art scholarship and graduated with a BFA in Painting. Over the next 14 years my husband and I were blessed with 7 daughters and almost as many moves with my husband’s job. Our little girls filled my life with new color, new shapes, new spaces and new brain challenges. All through it, I worked hard at being a mom; and, I worked hard when our neighbor came twice a week so I could sneak away and paint for 3 hours. Sometimes a little one would need me and I would rock them on my hip while I painted. It felt good holding onto my love of painting and my love of mothering.

Now my family is still growing. I have married daughters and grandchildren. I still love love love love love love to paint. Shapes and colors still call out to me; I sing back to them and I paint.

New Vision Art

Giclée Prints

Linda Etherington prints are now available through New Vision Art. The fine art giclée prints are of her original oil paintings. Each is a signed and numbered limited edition and is printed with archival pigmented inks on archival Hahnemuhle William Turner paper.

Published Illustrations

The Book of Moses

by Mormon Artists Group

My friend Glen Nelson of the Mormon Artist Group (MAG) in New York City approached me in 2008 to create original artwork for a single book of LDS scripture. I immediately choose the Book of Moses. Adam. Eve. The Creation. Work. Eyes that were opened. Drama.

These things speak to me of family, my family and other families. All of us have our ups, our downs and occasional really hard times. Yet, I try to always look for the blessings that infuse the great moments and the tender sweetness.

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    Life Is Alive

    The Selected Works of Linda Vance Etherington